I am a freelance Web Design and Developer. Qualifying in 2018 I created Howdle Web Design to help businesses both large and small have a functional and professional looking website. Most people stick with social media as the face of their business without realising it limits their potential to expand their customer reach and to stand out against their competitors. I am commited to providing unique websites at affordable prices for my clients.

Our Mission

Giving my clients professional and unique websites suitable for all devices without breaking the budget!

Our Plan

Completely tailored to your needs, why pay for things you don't need or for something you're not completely satisfied with?

Working With You

I care about my clients which is why I am committed to constantly keeping them up to date with designs, updates in website related laws and policies, improvements as well as general website after care.


Howdle Web Design offers many different services which can be completely tailored to our clients needs. Here is a list of just a few servies I offer, please contact me for more information.

Full Website Design

Don't have a website or just starting out? Not a problem! I can create your dream website and make it something you can be proud of. A website should be professional, functional across all devices as well as unique to you.

Updates Of Current Website

Is your website in dire need of updating? I can provide website updates including functionality tests allowing your website to be suited to all devices and browsers.

Security Testing

Technology is getting better and better everyday but with every advancement there are risks of cyber crime from Phising to full website hacks. New laws regarding customer data means companies must do more to protect their customers data online. I can test your website security as well as provide a report on any improvements that can be made.

Social Media Intergration

With the ever growing social media platforms, you can have your social media intergrated into your website allowing for seemless sharing of content across all of your platforms.

Database Management and E-Commerce

Keep track of your inventories, updating of your products and allowing online purchasing to boost your sales.

Support and After Care

I provide constant after care and support to all of my clients in forms of technical support, continuous updates and website checks.


Rob's R2-D2 Build

A website detailing the build log of a 1:1 Scale R2-D2


A website detailing my build log for my life size R2-D2.

Echo 3

A taster website for Echo 3 Coffee House and Roastary


A website for local Coffee House and Roastary, Echo 3.

Darlington Storms

A taster website for Darlington Storms Basketball Team


A website for local Basketball Team, Darlington Storms

The Gift Box

Local family run buisiness The Gift Box.


A website for Darlington shop - The Gift Box

T3 Builders Club

T3 Builders Club as a branch of the R2 Builders


A website for the new T3 Builders Club

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